Friday, December 19, 2008

Geotagging ur posts now

Blogger in draft just add a geotagging to the new post editor on Blogger in draft. With geotagging, blogger can add a location to each of blog posts. Just as time stamps help readers find posts from a certain date or time, geotags give readers a way to browse posts near a specific location.

Adding a geotag to a post is easy. Log into, open the post editor, and click the add location link below the main text field.

Use the location editor to search, drag, click and zoom on a map to choose and save a location. Bloggerindraft engineers will try to label the location we choose using their reverse geocoder, which looks up a name for a point on the map. Bloggers can also edit the location name by clicking the blue location name text below the search field.

When someone publish a post, the geotag is displayed below blog post as a link, which will open up Google Maps.

News source: Blogger in Draft

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